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Payments? Nah - Text Payments

Text payments

We offer text commands to perform transactions through Text'n Pay Me in any application where you can open our keyboard. To send money, all you need to do is to type the text commands, verify your identity via biometrics or a password.

Light and Easy UX

Fewer steps, fewer efforts, less time to perform a single transaction - that's our mission. The user experience itself is as natural as typing a message in a chat window. At the same time, the security levels are kept in accordance with industry standards so that you will always feel safe using our application.

End-to-End Pipeline

When using our application you should not worry whether the receiver is Text'n Pay Me user or not because we do it on your behalf: our keyboard generates a magic link that contains a form where the receiver should simply fill in landing account details.

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Natural Experience

To use our application you don't even need a tutorial. All you need to do is type "send", then the amount of money, the receiver, verify your identity via biometrics or a password and that's it. The experience is as easy and natural as having a chat in messengers.

Fast and Simple

We transformed the traditional flow of sending money. The looong and boring steps that one usually takes when performing transactions are eliminated from our solution. You are not switching between multiple apps, you are not filling in any additional data. Everything is designed to be fast and simple.

Fewer Efforts

Notwithstanding the receiving person is our user or not, he/she can still receive money. Our application generates a link which contains a form that the receiver should fill in order to receive the payment. We don't stress anyone out: if they feel like registering later, then they are welcome to do so.

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Our Team

Mihran Babayan

business guy

Arthur Karapetyan

tech guy